IT hardware vendors in the market?

Posted by ejobber on 6/3/2021

Who are the winning IT hardware vendors in the market?

Needs of IT Hardware In the Era of The emerging digitalization of the world needs powerful digital devices. The world is transitioning speedily from manual to digital but the world is not completely digital by now, however, manual has become online now and this results in high demand for coherent and well-structured devices like computers and laptops.

Moreover, we cannot ignore that we are living in a pandemic era where a lot of people lost their jobs and a lot more are working on low wages and everybody has to work from their home that needs digital devices. So, there is a dire need for efficient as well as cost-effective digital devices. 
Computers are the backbone of this digital revolution and are an integral part of our lives in this work-from-home era. In this era of automation, there are no more accessories but they are part and parcel of our daily routine. From writing an article to printing a picture, the computer has a significant contribution to human lives.
To find a systematic, well-structured, and economical computer is akin to choose a fruitful tree in a whole forest but here is a list of vendors that we work with and are computer hardware suppliers, that may help you without drilling a hole in your pocket. So, this will answer “who are the computer suppliers near me?” 


Dell is a highly reliable company who have been making computers since 1984 and is easily available in the UK. Dell is providing its clients with a technology that triumphs. 

  • New Inspiron Small desktop is one of the top-rated desktops of Dell along with DellS2421HN Monitor is included along with 10 Gen Intel Core i3 processor.
  • New XPS Tower with 27’’ monitor along with DellS2721H Monitor is a perfect demonstration of the situation when beauty meets power in which they are providing with 11 Gen Intel Core i5 processor. 


The Hewlett-Packard Company is one of the world’s best computers, laptops, software, and storage devices manufacturers. For instance, HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop TG01-2170m PC is one of the best gaming computers in the town. It has an unbelievably fast intel processor with amazing graphic cards.


Lenovo is a Chinese multinational company established in 1984. Lenovo has manufactured a lot of efficient computers with premium performance, solid reliability and is highly appealing.

  • M Series Towers are well-designed, and gives you high-end security, enhancing productivity and saving invaluable effort and time too. They have next-generation processing, memory, and graphic card. 
  • Think Centre M Series Tiny Dekstop is efficient in work and saves your space along with providing impressive processing power. These desktops are stylish, providing data and hardware security.
  • ThinkVision T34w-20 is 34-inch WQHD Monitor with a panoramic screen with1500R curved panel. USB type C cable allows you to transfer data including pictures and videos, minimizes clutter and enables efficient working. Seamless multi-screen experience is made possible due to its 3-side Near Edge-less screen. Convenient, ergonomic and designed keeping user comfort in mind.
  • Besides computer desktops, computer peripherals are also necessary as the desktop is nothing without other essentials and peripherals. Besides Dell, HP, and Lenovo many other companies provide pc components along with desktops. 

Samsung Electronics 

The Samsung group is a South Korean conglomerate, a major manufacturer of electronic devices since 1938. In 2019, Samsung Electronics became the second largest technology company by revenue.

  • Smart keyboard Trio500 connects to three devices at a time and provides with comfortable and smooth writing experience and is compact, slim and tastefully designed with special features and is highly economical.
  • Bluetooth Mouse Slim is a trendy mouse with good looks and good grip. It is portable and easily connectable through Bluetooth and is highly economical. Samsung is well-known for monitors or televisions. It has a variety of monitors with different sizes of 22”, 24”,27”,28”,32”,34” with full HD quality.
  • 27” S70A UHD Monitor is a full HD monitor with high-resolution HDR10 and VA Panel along with 60 Hz Refresh rate and it can be connected to HDMI, Display Port and Headphones. It is great for immersive viewing and productivity.
  • 34” SJ552W UWQHD Monitor is another masterpiece by Samsung Electronics with a large and HD view, high resolution and VA Panel along with 75Hz Refresh rate, more improved than the above 27” S70A UHD Monitor. It can also be connected to HDMI, Display Port and Headphones. It is great for gaming, immersive viewing and productivity.

  • 28” UR550 UHD Monitor is a high resolution, HDR10, IPS Panel along with 60Hz Refresh rate, free sync. It can be connected to HDMI, a Display port and headphones. It is also great for gaming, immersive viewing and productivity although it has less refresh rate than the 34” SJ552W UWQHD Monitor. 


Apple is the world’s renowned multinational company that designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, computer software and online services It was founded in 1976.
Magic Keyboard is a sleek and wonderful design with enhanced key features and gives a remarkably comfortable and precise typing experience. It contains a rechargeable battery and this battery is long-lasting and can last for a month or more. 
There is another keyboard known as Magic keyboard with a numeric keypad provided by Apple to its users that also includes a numeric keypad along with all other traits mentioned above. The mouse is an accessory to the computer but is necessary as well. Apple introduces another beautiful and sleek design of mouse known as Magic Mouse which is completely rechargeable eliminating traditional batteries. It is lighter in weight and moves with less resistance on your desk .
Apple is providing amazing monitors with a lot of features like 5K Refurbished 27-inch iMac 3.3GHz 6-core Intel Core i5 with Retina display with 1080p FaceTime HD camera with true tone technology.


With the increase in demand for highly efficient digital devices, there are a lot of companies that are working to keep the comfort of the user in their mind. Dell, HP, Lenovo monitors are providing efficient and cost-effective desktops while Apple and Samsung are providing sleek and modern designs of monitors, mouse and keyboards.


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