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Clearly and rightly so the mounting interest among SMEs for cloud-based technology and business services is partly powered by the drift towards a subscription economy.

Solutions such as managed antivirus, email security, patch management, archiving and cloud-based back-up were, until very recently, the domain of large enterprises, tech-savvy SMEs or SMEs supported by an MSP. Public cloud however, has made these types of solutions and offerings much more accessible to all SMEs. That is where eJobber comes into the picture as your learned and faithful cloud partner.  

The biggest pain point of an overwhelming majority of SME customers who have adopted eJobber as their Cloud Services Partner was none other than the lack of expertise to manage IT in-house.

To keep the balance between the ever growing demands of IT infrastructure requirements and cost per acquisition (CPA), and be able to technically counter your competitors in this day and age you have to take time out of your valuable business hours and attend to the sorting out your IT act - something that shifts your attention even if for a short duration. That's where eJobber comes into the picture and takes the burden off of your shoulders and lets you focus on serving those customer who ultimately should be your prime focus.

Building on our core business ideology successfully implemented in the hardware vertical - cut out the middleman - we offer you tailored advice on your specific business needs by looking into your existing physical hardware inventory and talking to you about the precise area of your business you are looking to move into the cloud. And because we are born to serve SMEs all our pricing structure is so rewarding it pays you back on every step of your Cloud journey.

We are so confident we offer our customers open price comparison spot checks and steady free of cost cloud adoption trial periods.  



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