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The Ejobber Story

Who we are, what we do and how we do it...

Who We Are

Ejobber Limited is a value-added reseller and IT services provider headquartered in London, providing a full spectrum of IT solutions and supply chain logistics to SMEs and resellers in the UK since 2018. We design and deliver both customer-built and turnkey IT solutions and services for businesses, big and small.

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Our Achievements
  • 2018: Founded and Registered
  • 2019: Assembled Expert Team
  • 2020: Thrived Through Challenges
  • 2021: Innovative IT Solutions
Our Business in Numbers
Dedicated Employees
Satisfied Customers
Trusted Vendors
Collaborative Partner Brands

The Ejobber Family

Our employees define us. We believe that our success is tied to the well being of the people who work for us. That is why, as a company we strive to provide a challenging and nourishing work environment for our employees.

Care for Community

We believe in giving back to our community. Our employees regularly take part in voluntary work. We also contribute to our local charities. Above all, we care for the planet we call home. We have sustainability policies in place to minimise our impact on the environment.

Expert Team

Whether that’s helping you find the best buy, recommending solutions or offering technical support, our expert team is always by your side to help.

Turnkey IT Solutions

Our turnkey IT solutions are designed to save you time and money. They can be implemented into your existing business process with negligible disruption. They are Ideal for businesses that desire speed and agility.

Buy our turn-key solutions to quickly achieve your goals.

We Provide Turnkey and Custom-built Solutions for